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What Do Writers Wear?

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Dressing up is a routine practiced by most people, especially for employees with jobs that require frequent interaction with clients and guests. As for writers, however, they’re more emancipated in donning custom designed t shirts they find most comfortable.

Writers don’t have to wear their best outfit every day since they have lesser interactions with people. This concept depends on the writing career you have. However, if you’re a renowned writer, a full-time poet, or a growing freelancer, you need to put interest in clothing since there are events and meetings you need to attend.2020-6-04

Fashion plays a highly influential role in every industry. Presenting yourself with neat, sophisticated, and stylish attire will give you a positive remark. How you dress up will affect other people’s perspective; hence, neglecting fashion is not an option for you to consider at all.

Being a professional writer, you must consider the following tips in getting dolled up:

Meeting with Clients

When personally meeting with clients, you should refrain from getting underdressed or overdressed. You should impress them with your best business attire to gain their respect and trust. Also, sporting business attire insinuates professionalism.

The first thing you should consider in choosing your attire is style. Business attire is highly recommended, but you can actually have a little twist of casual for you to look less intimidating. The second thing to consider is the color of your outfit. Don’t go for flashy colors like neon. Not only will this attract unwanted attention, but this will also give you a poor judgment from your clients even without being vocal about it.

Men can go for blazers with plain colored polo as their inner. On the other hand, women can go for dresses with the right accessories.

Attending a Book Reading

You’ll be standing most of the time for this event, which is why you should wear something comfortable and light. You can actually play with your outfit at this point, yet still don’t go overboard. Your main priority for this event is your work, not your sense of fashion. Therefore, don’t wear anything with flashy colors, complex designs, and distracting patterns since this will deviate your audience from focusing on your work.

If you know where you’re heading to, look for outfit colors that complement well with the surrounding for you not to look washed out in the photos.

Going to A Writer’s Conference

Before attending the said event, do some research about it for you to gather information about the crowd, location, and weather. Your outfit, at this point, merely depends on your gathered data. You don’t have to stand out from the crowd since you’ll basically be conducting workshops together with your audience.

Go for comfortable and casual clothing. You can wear your custom t-shirts if you want to aim for a simple outfit or add a few accessories to look fashionable.


Writers may not require dress codes in most cases due to less exposure to the public, but if you’re a professional writer, you must consider wearing the proper set of clothing in accordance to the event you’re attending.

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