The Canadian Authors Association is a national organization composed of professional authors who already have their own published works. We have more than 1,000 members and still receiving more applications.

Our Association was founded to work with writers, publishers, booksellers, readers, and the government to improve the conditions of various writers throughout the country.

Among the aspects which define Canada and its citizens are the lively and diverse scholarly culture that the country had maintained over the years. Based on this culture, the Association supports its members and works relentlessly to advocate its members’ needs.

Some of the needs which the Association advocates for is an advancement for the members’ shared interests. By doing this, we can promote the rights, economic well-being, and freedom of all writers in Canada.

Our previous advocacy works have led to various achievements which have offered our writers financial compensation whenever their work is used in libraries or electronic forums.

Our members greatly benefit from an extensive range of services which are not accessible to writers working alone.

We seek to work with both writers and authors to help them achieve their goals. We aim to meet their needs with regards to the protection of income, fair compensation for work which our members distribute electronically, protection of copyrights, as well as licensing rights and income tax reform.

All our businesses are conducted through advocacy, research, services, networking, or fostering the community. We offer our services to support the changing needs of writers and book authors who are constantly at the mercy of changing publishing needs as well as economic and political pressures.