We at the Canadian Authors Association can relate to the joys as well as difficulties of being a writer. We know common challenges such as isolation, financial difficulties, frustrations, and even assistance when it comes to publication.

Benefits You Can Enjoy by Joining Us

  • Frequent updates on the progress of the Union which you can get through our newsletters
  • Chances to meet, interact, network, and work with other writers across Canada. This happens during our social events and Annual General Meetings.
  • Access to the How-to Series which is inclusive of a Writer’s Guide on Canadian Publishers, professional development publications, and Contract’s Self-Help Package
  • Access to health benefits plans such as vision care, drug plan, out-of-hospital benefits, specialists’ services, hospital coverage, dental care, and hearing benefits
  • Access to several reading programs which offer hosts with subsidizations a chance to invite writers to perform a public or school reading
  • Entitlement to receive an evaluator fee for our Association`s manuscript evaluation service
  • Sponsored travel when attending our Annual General Meeting
  • Contribution to write in the Association’s quarterly magazine which focuses on the craft and art of writing in Canada
  • Assistance on any concerns, grievances, and contracts
  • A member profile on our website where you can promote your work

When you join us, your annual subscriptions will significantly help us work in the best interest of all writers. It helps us advocate for just legislation for all writers and their work. Your dues also ensure that other writers get fair financial compensation.


To qualify for our membership, you have to be an author of either one of these:

  • A self-published book which successfully illustrates professionalism and commercial intent
  • A trade book which has been published by a university or commercial press

Also, you should be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of the Country.