The publishing sector is dynamic and is filled with constant changes throughout the years. Writers should, therefore, be wise when finding a publisher, and they should take ample time when choosing the best publisher to approach.

Depending on your publishing needs, you might opt for a contract with a traditional publisher. When seeking a traditional publisher, it pays to be cautious of solicitations and advertisements with offers to publish your work at a fee.

Traditional publishers don’t ask their writers to pay any fee when producing their books. If you opt to publish yourself, either in electronic or print form, conduct ample research on suppliers, their charges, and services. Also, do research on their professionalism and products which vary from supplier to supplier.

You should also consider visiting a reputable independent bookstore that has an extensive selection of Canadian work. It will enable you to choose an appropriate traditional publisher whom you can approach. The current titles on the publications will guide you on their publishing programs. 

The Canadian Authors Association maintains a searchable list of publishers across Canada who takes on unsolicited manuscripts. Remember to take time when crafting your cover letter or email.