If you’re currently working on a book, we can offer you a professional evaluation via our Manuscript Evaluation Service.

The Canadian Authors Association provides a Manuscript Evaluation Service through our talented members who are professional authors themselves with years of experience.

The platform offers writers with advice regarding their manuscripts. The detailed evaluation involves:

  • Comments regarding the content of the book. The comments may include characterization, setting, believability, dialogue, and research. Note that the comments are not restricted to the above.
  • Comments on the book’s writing technique. Here, comments are made on the style and technical ability. The comments may include other aspects.
  • Steps taken to develop the manuscript.
  • Answers to any three specific questions suggested by the author.

Submission Guidelines

  • The book you are submitting should have a twelve-point size, double spacing, and must be easy to read. Also, it should have a one-inch margin on the white pages.
  • On a different sheet of paper, add a list of three precise questions which you want the evaluator to tackle. This is optional.
  • All submissions must be typed. Hand-written submissions are unacceptable.
  • If you will be making your submission by mail and would like to receive your manuscript back, include a self-address envelope with sufficient postage.


For Fiction:

One to ten-page submissions: $125 + HST= $141.25

A full manuscript: the first ten pages will be charged at $125 + $2 per page + HST

For Poetry:

One to ten pages will be charged at $125 + HST= $141.25

 The maximum submission is ten poems. For every new poem above 10, you will be charged $10 per poem.

Submit Your Manuscript

Submissions can be made online or through a mail. The manuscript evaluation takes between five and eight weeks depending on the length of your submission.