If a publisher is interested in publishing your manuscript, he will offer you a contract. Be careful when signing the contract, however. Don’t allow any publisher to begin editorial revisions or any production work before you sign a mutually satisfactory contract.

Bear in mind that contracts are negotiable, and the clauses can be changed. Our Association offers Contracts Self-Help Package to help writers who are thinking about publishing contracts.

The package is inclusive of a model which a writer can use for reference, or in case a writer is looking to hire a lawyer who has previous experience with publishing contracts.

A publisher should give you ample time to read through the contract. You should not be pressured into quickly signing the contract. In any case, a reputable publishing company should advise you to review the agreement with a lawyer. While receiving a publication offer is ideal, always remember that the proposal is a business agreement. Negotiating a good contract enables you to prevent mishaps which might arise later.