There is a vast selection of literary magazine and journal selection in Canada. As a writer, you might have thought of submitting one of your best works for consideration to these magazines or journals.

However, before submitting your stories to any of them, it is vital to search which magazine or journal best suits your story in terms of general audience and publication content.

It is crucial to select an appropriate source where you can submit your story and increase your chances of success. The best way to become familiar with literary journals and magazines is by visiting a bookstore, magazine store, or libraries with a literary journal/ magazine section.

While at the literary section, read through some of the sources and take note of the writing styles they publish. You should also research on the target audience to whom the publications are directed to. If you target a specific demographic in your writing, then go for a publication whose work is read by a similar audience.

Bear in mind that there are other magazines besides the literary genre which also publish short stories. Go through some magazines to discover which magazines or journals these may be.

After choosing a publication where you submit your work to, read the submission guidelines. Most publications have a guideline section on their websites. If you are looking to provide several copies, check with the instructions to ensure they accept multiple submissions.

In case the publication allows several submissions, remember to mention it while drafting your cover letter. It might take several months before getting feedback for your submission/s.

Best of luck!