5 Proven Ways to Make Money With Writing

You love writing, but you are not convinced that you can make a living out of it.
Well, you can make a career in writing, and you don’t need to write a bestselling book to get there. Not that writing a bestseller is a bad thing, but it is out of reach for most of us mortals.
Aside from writing a bestseller, here is how to make money online with writing.
#1 Start a Blog
First, you need to figure out the topic of your blog. Ideally, it needs to be a topic that is both popular and close to you. Starting a blog is the easier part as there are many blogging platforms such as blogger and WordPress that are free to use. The …

How to Write Engaging Content for Your Vaping Blog

With the vaping industry continuously developing, you have an excellent chance of gaining a high number of followers when you start a Eurovap blog. After all, more than 9 million people vape in the US alone. Of course, you still need to set yourself apart if you plan on starting your own vape blog. With that said, here are some helpful tips that can help you create more engaging and exciting vape content for your audience.
Concentrate on Headlines
While writing excellent content is essential, you also need to pay attention to creating your headlines. After all, your readers read it first, and this can determine whether they read your blog post or not.
In this case, if …

Effective Writing Tips for the Best CBD Blog

Having a blog about CBD gummies Canada can be an excellent way to enhance your audience engagement, build relationships, boost sales, and make a name for yourself in the CBD business.
Moreover, aside from your business having more potential to succeed, you can help potential customers find what they need. That said, let’s have a look at some of the practical tips you can use to write for your CBD blog:
Do Keyword Research
It would be best to find keywords that people often use in search engines and are realistic for you to use. For instance, the keyword “CBD oil” has more than 300,000 searches every …

What Do Writers Wear?

Posted on : by : Medoro Henrichon

Dressing up is a routine practiced by most people, especially for employees with jobs that require frequent interaction with clients and guests. As for writers, however, they’re more emancipated in donning custom designed t shirts they find most comfortable.
Writers don’t have to wear their best outfit every day since they have lesser interactions with people. This concept depends on the writing career you have. However, if you’re a renowned writer, a full-time poet, or a growing freelancer, you need to put interest in clothing since there are events and meetings you need to attend.2020-6-04
Fashion plays a highly influential role …